The Process

Design + build is a project delivery system used to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are provided by a single entity known as the design-builder.


This is the beginning of what will be a very collaborative process between yourselves and us. During this initial meeting, you will be able to tell us all of your exciting ideas and aspirations for what you would like your new project to be. We’ll complete a site analysis to better understand all of the potential opportunities and constraints that exist, ask you a number of relevant questions related to your desires, your budget and timeline. This will create the framework required to establish the flow of your project.


Here, one of our team members will come to the property and take all site dimensions in order to prepare a to-scale drawing of the existing space. This stage is the critical first step required to create the outline of your space and will be used to establish an initial design framework all the way through to the final design of the project.

Conceptual Design:

This stage will further emphasize the collaboration between the two of us. We will review key details of the project such as budgets, wish lists, and inspirational photographs. We will use the newly created as-is drawings to begin preparing design concepts. These concepts will be compiled into one package that will be presented and reviewed at a conceptual design meeting with our clients. This process allows us to play with the different design ideas and concepts to establish what will ultimately become the Final Design.

Final Design:

The final design will be used to build out the project, this package will also be submitted for zoning and permit review if required. This package includes a survey or site plan, floor plans, sections, and elevations.

Next Steps:

Once a design has been finalized, we will then move into the construction planning stage. Here the project will be broken down into efficient steps that allow for a milestone-oriented timeline to be created.

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